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The cost of a new engine and chassis (and what class for your age)!  

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Hello guys welcome to the first ever post on our forum and i wanted to kick it off with getting straight to the point - How much will it cost you to buy a brand new kart. I did a full video on this on our YouTube channel (you can watch it here) If you haven't done so already, subscribe! 

I am not much of a writer if i'm honest, so this post will be short but sweet, and hopefully helpful. But if you have any questions you might want to either; leave a comment down below or DM me on Instagram and i'll be happy to point you in the right direction @startingkarting. However don't expect an answer from me straight away, i work 70+ hours a week 😣 

All prices mentioned exclude VAT, exclude delivery, and will vary depending on where you get it from, you might be able to find these things for cheaper, but Im just showing you what I found online. So this should be used as a rough guide. Its clearly a lot cheaper if you buy second hand, there are some great sites for buying second hand,, facebook marketplace, and other specialist facebook groups plus more. Links at the bottom of this post.


6-8 years olds Bambino

C50 - £528


8-13 year olds -

Honda GX160 - £225

60cc IAME class £915

11-16 year olds

Mini X30 - £1979

Minimax (Rotax)-£1799

Junior TKM - £1579

Junior X30 - £1979

Junior Max (Rotax) - £1799


Senior X30 £1979

Senior Max - £1940

TKM extreme £1579

KZ - £4682.



So we’ve established what engine is suitable for your age group now we need a chassis. Back in August the annual kartmasters was in full swing at PFI. Kartmasters is the largest one-off kart race meeting in the UK with competitors from around the world. This year marked the 24th anniversary of kartmasters and I wanted to look at what the top 10 finishes in each category. (excluding Bambino & KZ)


Wright Kart - £1540

Synergy Kart £1250


IAME cadet

Synergy Kart- £2,395

Tony Kart - £2,000


Honda cadet

Project One kart is £2350

Synergy kart is £2395


Mini X30, Junior Rotax, Junior X30 and Senior Rotax

These classes in 2019 Kartmasters are almost entirely dominated by the OTK group. Which is the Alonso kart, Exprit, Kosmic and Tony Kart.

As far as i'm aware these chassis get made under the same roof, but have different names logos and graphics/livery. And for these chassis it will cost you: £3050

There was just 4 chassis in the X30 and Rotax classes that was not a OTK kart. These chassis are the:

Comp Kart - £3080

A mad Croc - £2650

And an xenon £1979

Kart republic - £3332



CRG- £4954

Birel - £4528

Compkart- £4501

Kart Republic- £3377


Remember for each of these prices theres a link below. You might be able to find them cheaper somewhere else, if you can, leave your comments below which might help other people out.


Bambino C50 engine -

Bambino M1 engine -

Honda cadet -

IAME cadet -

Mini X30 -

MiniMax -

Junior TKM -

Junior X30 -

Junior Rotax -

Senior X30 -

Senior Rotax -

TKM Extreme -

KZ -


Chassis for each class:

Bambino Synergy:

Bambino Wright:

IAME/Honda cadet synergy:

IAME cadet TonyKart:

Honda cadet Project One:

Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Alonso, Exprit, Tony:

Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Mad Croc:

Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Xenon:

Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Kart Republic:

Mini X30/ Junior X30/ Junior Max/ Senior Max Comp kart:


KZ2 Birel:

KZ2 Comp Kart:

KZ2 Kart Republic:

Keep calm and carry on karting. PEACE!

Posted : 15/11/2019 3:37 pm